Cheap Furniture South Africa

South Africa has a great furniture industry with loads of local furniture makers in every bigger city of the large country, producing high quality furniture made out of local and imported wood. The local furniture industry however has several competitors that deal with imported furniture generally coming from Asia. Let us see some of the cheap furniture stores and chains where you can buy affordable furniture in South Africa.

South Africa has several quality furniture stores that are highly popular in the country; however, they face by stiff competition on behalf of all those companies that deal with imported furniture coming largely from South East Asian countries. The cheap furniture stores are largely popular in South Africa, specifically in Cape Town, where you can also get to find the largest number of used and second hand stores selling big quantities of cheap furniture. Let us get to see the best places for cheap furniture in South Africa this time.

Furniture City: Furniture City is one of the largest furniture dealers in South Africa having over 30 stores all across the country. The huge advantage of Furniture City is, that they also sell electronic appliances, such as washing machines, fridges and other kitchen appliances for a good price, this way a family can largely buy everything they need to furnish a flat in Furniture City, with the sole exception of kitchen and bathroom furniture and sanitary products. They also have a large collection of audio-visual products for home entertainment. You can get to buy lounge, bedroom, living room and office furniture in the stores of Furniture City. Furniture City has multiple outlets in the large cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria.

Home Depot: Home Depot is one of the cheapest furniture stores in South Africa, with the sole problem of having furniture stores only in the area of Cape Town, which slightly limits its accessibility from all other points of the country. They deal of a large number of imported furniture in various contemporary styles. They deal with general home furniture, bedroom furniture and have every day sales. The store is perfect when you only look for one or two definite pieces of cheap furniture. Find the stores of Home Depot in Cape Town at the following destinations: Somerset West Mall, N1 City Mall, Montague Gardens, Blue Route Mall and Canal Walk.

Bakos Brothers: The Johannesburg based business is made by the Indian Bakos family that deal with a huge number of imported furniture that they sell in their five showrooms in the area. The variety of their products is wide and today they are among the biggest cheap furniture dealers in the area of Johannesburg, Check their stores out at one of the following destinations: Sandton, Dunkeld, Fourways, Menlyn Pretoria and Mpumalanga.

These are some of the most popular cheap furniture brands in South Africa, which have multiple stores in a city or in the whole area of the country. Naturally, each city has its respective stores of cheap furniture with Cape Town being outstanding in terms of cheap furniture, used furniture and it has its whole streets of great innovative furniture brands to check out.