Classic Furniture South Africa

South Africa has quite a developing furniture industry, and in its cities, you can get to find a great number of furniture stores selling imported or locally made classic furniture. There are of course several great brands to talk about, when it comes to classic furniture and therefore we would like to introduce you to some of these. Let us look at some of the most popular randes of classic furniture in South Africa.

There are several brands to associate with classic furniture in South Africa and many of these have stores all across the country. Let us see a short list on today’s most visited classic furniture brands.

Coricraft: Coricraft has been in the South African furniture market in the past 20 years and its home furniture range can be easily associated with classic sort of furniture, when talking about its great furniture sets for lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms and patio or garden. Although Coricraft has plenty of contemporary pieces as well, not counting those the style of which could easily be called retro or vintage, the brands collection is definitely a must see for everyone looking for quality home furniture. Coricraft has a great catalogue to download on its website for more browsing and check out its stores all across South Africa for buying high profile classic furniture. We could say easily that Coricraft acts like the IKEA of South Africa, concerning its popularity its ranges of contemporary classic furniture and its great number of stores in the country.

@Home Furniture: well known producer and retailer of classic furniture Home Furniture is overly popular in the circles of classic furniture fans. The brand offers multiple collections of furniture and although it is not one of the cheapest places, you can count on that being a high quality brand. Home Furniture offers furniture and sets for lounge, dining room, and bedroom and in fact, it has a huge collection of home ware and kitchenware alongside all sorts of textile and linen to offer for the customers. You can get to find @Home Furniture in almost every bigger city of South Africa and its very popular for its accessories range

Block & Chisel: there are several ways to call the beautiful furniture range of Block & Chisel, which is among the top famous quality furniture makers of South Africa. Their furniture, which wears the inspiration of British and French lifestyle furniture is certainly classic and fit in any home. The pure wood furniture is handmade and rustic enough to withstand years or decades of usage and the textiles used for upholstery can fit for the taste of the furniture and to any flats. Block & Chisel has stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Contemporary furniture can indeed be classy and we can cite fine examples for this by including two of the biggest furniture chains in South Africa, which include Furniture City and OK Furniture, which offer great ranges of classic furniture and has stores in virtually every town and cities in South Africa. Check out these great brands if you are out to look for classic furniture in the country.