Dining Room Furniture South Africa

Dining room is a vital part of any home, whether or not it is part of the kitchen itself, and in its style, it should be similar to the house and to the style of the kitchen as well. There are several great furniture companies that offer dining room furniture and each one represent different styles. Let us represent you with some of the best furniture brands of South Africa, which are very popular to visit, when it comes to dining room furniture.

South Africa is an ex-colony of both the Netherlands and Great Britain, the rule of which has ended in the country not too long ago. The population of South Africa is therefore really diverse, with one half of the nation having Boorish-Dutch and British roots and the other half coming from all the local tribes and nations living in the area of South Africa for centuries. The basic flavour of South Africans in furniture goes back to the British roots and therefore we can see lots of classic, British country, British Victorian and generally European style furniture while there is an emerging contemporary sort of furniture that blends the local African arts with the modern way of furniture making. When we look for dining room furniture, we will realise how much the classic style still dominates the art of furniture making in South Africa.

Let us see some of the best brands that have outstanding dining room furniture in South Africa

Morkels is a great furniture producing company that operates a large chain of stores all across South Africa. The company features a large deal of classic sets of furniture, some of which represent colonial style while others come in antique styles such as Baroque or even Rococo. If you prefer dark toned colonial or antique style furniture made of rich and high quality wood, you should definitely check out the dining room sets of Morkels that you can find in every larger city.

Block & Chisel, the old furniture company deals with a wide range of classic British and British Country furniture that goes just greatly with all family home. The high quality classic furniture is a huge favourite all across South Africa. The company is based in Diep River Cape Town and has another store in the city along Durban Road, yet it also has a showroom in Johannesburg too. It is definite must-see if you like classic light shaded furniture.

Coricraft is one of the largest furniture companies of South Africa and it has managed to become a favourite among many people. Coricraft represents a very interesting style of furniture making which is a blend of contemporary and vintage style furniture dating back to the style of 50ies-60ies. You can get to find some unique pieces of great quality furniture in the stores of Coricraft all across South Africa.

There are so many great companies, which offer furniture in great quality and variety in each one of the bigger cities of South Africa such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria, among others. South Africa has a great furniture industry, which would deserve a greater coverage thanks to its great quality and roots.