Furniture in Durban, South Africa

Durban is a great beach city, which is famous for being one of the biggest cities of South Africa, alongside giving home to the biggest population of Indians in the country. No wonder Durban is full of stores and you can get to find some surprising stores over here, selling a wide range of goods coming straight from India. Durban is also very famous for housing the biggest shopping mall of whole Africa, the Gateway. In this guide, we would like to represent you to some of the best furniture and home décor stores of Durban.

Durban is a great city, which is culturally much more colourful than anyone would think. Durban was built thanks to the enormous sugar cane fields, thanks to which the country’s population is some hundred thousand Indians richer than formerly, as Indian workers were brought by the Brits to work on the fields for a long time. Today, Durban is a great shopping city, with its own Little India, where you can get lost in the colourful streets stuffed with Indian goods. A couple of years ago, Durban’s own Gateway shopping centre was built, which is currently the largest shopping mall in the whole continent having its own indoors waterskiing pools.

The town gives place for several great furniture stores too, out of which we would like to represent you to some of them.

La Grange Interiors - 187 Montpelier Road, Morningside
La Grange has become one of South Africa’s leading antique furniture brands, concentrating on the renovating of imported European furniture, coming mainly from France. They are proud to sell only handmade items to the public and their great renovated items look great in any home. They have a weekly refreshing stock and have a huge number of visitors. Visit the showroom of La Grange if you really want an outstanding piece of furniture in your home.

Weylandts The Kitchen - 22 Bella Rosa Street, Durbanville
Weylandts is one of the most outstanding brands in South Africa that has an amazingly huge stock and where you can decide from which region you are looking for furniture or accessories. From high profile Indian and Chinese antique furniture, to French, British, Scandinavian art pieces, you can find a very special selection of renovated antiques in the stores of Weylandts. In Durban, the brand has decided to come out with its brand new concept the Kitchen, which includes a great bar and restaurant as part of the furniture store itself.

Durban Flea Market
If you had enough of all the posh furniture stores and if you would prefer to do some treasure hunt yourselves, you just have to check out Durban’s biggest Flea Market, which is located right behind the Greyville Racecourse in order to find something for a very low price. Here you can find everything that also includes the possibility of some real antique furniture that can cost you only a little sum, given the fact that you are ready to do the restoration yourself. The Durban Flea Market has several fans in the city. Check it out every Sunday morning.

As for home décor items, we suggest you to visit the huge Gateway Shopping Mall and the Lucia Mall which are the best in terms of interior design stores. Durban has so much to offer when it comes to furniture. It is now time for you to check it out.