Iron Furniture South Africa

When it comes to furniture and furniture making, the main material coming into everyone’s mind is definitely wood. However, a big deal of furniture is made of iron and the furniture making process of iron furniture is an art in itself. Yearly tons of iron furniture is made and many of these have an artistic beauty made by those who are professionals of how to make iron beautiful. Let us see some of the best South Africa furniture makers who also deal with the creating of iron furniture.

Iron has been used for furniture for thousands of years. This great material that has the ability to withstand time and all sorts of weather conditions is often used for outdoor furniture. Iron furniture has several advantages above aluminium furniture, especially when it is used as outdoor furniture: due to its weight, heavier wind or any sort of movements will not move it. You can sit on them and will not need to afraid for your chair to fall off like with the very light aluminium furniture. In addition, the art of creating iron furniture together with all sorts of beautiful iron fences which are trendy to use, especially in the Mediterranean countries, such as Spain or Italy, where many of the real original masters of working with iron live.

Iron furniture has become a classic material this way, especially for the Mediterranean style, outdoor furniture and we can spot it in the collection of several outdoor furniture companies. Let us see some great examples:

Blue Bay: being one of the biggest and best outdoor furniture producers and traders in South Africa, Blue Bay features some of the best iron furniture sets in several of its collections, such as the Atlantic and Lula collections both of which feature great lounge sets. Blue Bay is based in Ballito nearby Durban.

Plaisir du Jardin: One of the biggest outdoor furniture brands in South Africa, the Plaisir du Jardin has absolutely great collections featuring a wide range of metal and iron furniture which ranges from garden furniture to patio and street furniture all the same. It’s Fuse range represents the luxury category of outdoor iron furniture.

Other great furniture brands that deal with iron and cast iron furniture are the following:
• Linear Redd Furnishing and Décor - Western Cape, Cape Town
• Divine Metal - Western Cape, Cape Town
• Metalian Furniture - Western Cape, Cape Town

If you would like to visit the biggest range of furniture stores in one place, then do not miss visiting Western Cape’s Sir Lowry Road. It is one of the busiest furniture roads all across South Africa, featuring several pearls of local furniture making offering a great deal of furniture made of not just wood but a great deal of alternate materials too, which include plastic and iron furniture among several other styles. Naturally, iron furniture often comes with either wooden, rattan or textile inclusions and you can get to see some great examples to great iron furniture visiting some of the innovative furniture brands of South Africa.