Plastic Furniture South Africa

Over the past decades, there has been several attempts to recreate furniture industry with lots of different sorts of alternative materials, in order to find something that differs from the regular wood. Plastic furniture is one result of these attempts and it has started to be implemented in the furniture making industry from roughly the Sixties. Let us see where we can find plastic furniture in South Africa and what sorts of plastic furniture we can get to find.

Naturally, the word "plastic" is a very general word that does not exactly covers all aspect of plastic furniture making. There are hundreds of different sorts of plastic materials today, which are used for making either trendy furniture or garden furniture. Plastic is very well used for outdoor furniture because it largely withstands the weather changes and most importantly, it is light and easy to pack. In terms of plastic furniture being friendly, it is largely due to the interesting forms and colours that made plastic so popular in the Sixties. However, today, plastic furniture is not as relevant as designers thought it would become, at least not in the ways we imagine plastic furniture. Let us see all the different ways and sorts of plastic furniture which we can get to find in the South African furniture industry today.

Fibre Cane: wicker and rattan furniture are immensely popular in South Africa. There are several producers and dealers of rattan and wicker furniture in South Africa with CaneWorld and Blue Bay being one of the most popular among them, producing high quality outdoor furniture. Fibre cane furniture is normally promoted as "all-weather" wicker furniture, as being plastic; it withstands the effects of water. Fibre Cane has been made in such way, that it also withstands continuous sunshine for an extra long time. Today, a great deal of rattan and wicker furniture is made of fibre cane. This is one immensely popular sort of plastic furniture, which is not the general type of plastic that we would imagine.

There are several up and coming interior designers, which create plastic furniture with bigger or lower success in South Africa. As of now, one of the most successful interior design brands which works with designers providing them with a great deal of furniture made out of alternative materials include The Modern Home Company. The Modern Home Company is one of the trendiest brands in South Africa today, offering great furniture designs for both indoor and outdoor furniture. The brand works with a large number of local and international furniture designers that make their whole collection really colourful and unique. They frequently offer plastic furniture, especially when it comes to the creation of chairs, tables, stools and various other furniture and accessories. They also use fibre cane for their woven wicker furniture or create one-piece chairs and tables out of plastic, coming in lots of different colours. Find the central store of The Modern Home Furniture (MHCO) in Portside Greenpoint Cape Town.

Although plastic furniture cannot be or look as classy as wooden furniture does, as you can see we can tend to use a much bigger quantity of ultimately plastic furniture than we would imagine. Check out the designer stores at Canal Walks in Cape Town, to see a great deal of modern furniture stores packed with quality plastic furniture.