Rattan Furniture South Africa

Rattan is a great material for creating furniture with a unique method that is originating from Africa and South Asia, where the method of rattan and wicker furniture making has long routes. Rattan furniture is perfect both for indoors and for outdoors giving your interiors and gardens the perfect touch to stay in harmony with nature. For its durability, great look, affordable prices and for its lightweight rattan furniture is greatly trendy also in South Africa. Let us see some of the best brands you can get to visit in South Africa, from city to city.

Let us see the roots of Rattan furniture and learn what rattan means: The name “Rattan” comes from the Malay Rotan word, which means palm tree. It is also the collective name of some 600 different palm species that grow in Africa, Asia and Australia. The leaves and branches of Rattan are perfect for creating furniture with specific wicker making techniques that make extensively durable and fashionable furniture. The shapes of Rattan are inspired by Asian or African cultures and it can be painted in any colours. Therefore, rattan has recently become one of the hippest sorts of furniture making materials and it is sold in almost every furniture stores in the world, Due to the lack of natural resources there are several sorts of plastic rattans that are used for the creation of wicker and rattan furniture. Rattan furniture can also be made of cane and in South Africa, Natural Kubu Rattans are also very popular to be used.

Let us see some of the best South Africa brands for rattan furniture:

• Cane Furniture: if you want to get to see all sorts of rattan furniture, from the outstanding Colonial Style rattan to the contemporary style rattan furniture, also including the African and other Asian style furniture, Cane Furniture is really an outstanding brand. Check out its great lounge suites, dining room tables, rattan chairs, beds, wall units and head boards. Apart from creating a magical colonial style, Asian style or African style patio outdoors, you can really recreate your room with the help of the great hanging chairs and other exotic furniture of Cane World.

• Plaisir Du Jardin: In the stores of Plaisir du Jardin you can get to find a great range of rattan furniture, which also includes all weather cane and kubu rattan furniture in a great variety. The label deals with a great deal of colourful collections, lounge sets and dining sets in every size and colour. Check out the great stores of Plaisir Du Jardin in South Africa.

• Blue Bay: although this store deals with patio and garden furniture, many people tend to buy their great rattan furniture for the indoors, they look so great and they are so comfortable! Blue Bay has over 10 different collections, introducing a great deal of rattan furniture, the brand deals with a large amount of wooden furniture too. Blue Bay is based in Belligo Dolphin Bay close to Durban.

Apart from these featured brands, you can get to find a great deal of rattan furniture among the South African furniture stores. We suggest you to check out the Western Cape quarter of Cape Town, the downtown of Johannesburg Sandton and to check out the two fantastic malls of Durban, which include the St. Lucia and the Gateway, both of them full of great furniture stores. There is so much more to South African furniture making and it is time for you too, to get familiar with South Africa,