Antique Furniture South Africa

There is no better business than antique furniture which is something always looked for, by collectors and by the fans of the older era. There is always a huge need for genuine antique furniture and authentication of antique furniture has become a huge business along the way. There are many in the country who has desire for antique furniture, especially concerning the fact for who long South Africa has been under British rule. Let us see what we can find in South Africa, when you are looking for quality antique furniture including bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room sets.

In our article, we will primarily concentrate on Cape Town, which is widely considered as the centre of furniture retailers especially concerning antique furniture. In general, there are three types of antique furniture we can see - first type is the classic antique dealer that sells nicely renovated antique furniture and accessories in its collection. The second type is the contemporary antiques dealer that does not only renovate antique furniture but do it in such way that brings a whole new colour in the furniture’s outlook: at times painting them with bright colour to make them look unique and fresh. The third type of antique dealer is in real all the second hand and junk shops that sell antique furniture but without any renovation, for a cheap price. That is why antiques hunters love to look around in all the second hand stores where you can find some real hidden "pearls" which are worth much more, than anyone would think so.

Let us explore some of the diverse antique furniture stores of South Africa this time, especially those of Cape Town, together with their availability.

Vamp Furniture:
This is one of the trendiest antique furniture stores of Cape Town at the moment. Here you can find some real treasures with special treatment. The shop specialised itself on mid-century furniture and goes so far to trace back the origins of each of its antiques featuring great style refurbished or only slightly renovated antique furniture. The store of Vamp furniture is located in Woodstock, Their great deal of home and kitchenware is overly popular to buy. Visit their website for more detailed information, and to check their amazing collection.

Strawberry & Lime:
Another extra trendy choice, this brand offers high profile antique furniture that was renovated with the utmost care, using the best quality materials, such as upholstery for doing so. The new textiles often give their antique furniture a sort of modern twist that creates great pieces of furniture. The store has a nice range of accessories, toys and homeware too. Find Strawberry & Lime in Woodstock, Cape Town

Kalk Bay Antique Furniture Stores:
Kalk Bay of Cape Town is not only one of the most pleasant bayside resort areas of the city but this is the place where every locals come to find the best antique furniture stores too. Check out the main road of the area for some of the best and most popular antique stores in Cape Town. Check out the collections of The Whatnot and China Town for old style kitchen furniture and kitchenware, Quagga Trading for unique pieces or the Railway House and you have a great chance to shop some wonderful antiques.

Naturally, there is much more to antique furniture than Cape Town, but it is undisputable, that this city of South Africa has the biggest variety of antique furniture. Check out the websites of these stores as some of them even offer online shopping or ordering with countrywide delivery options.