Bathroom Furniture South Africa

Bathroom is a very important part of any home, and thanks to the developing techniques, more and more styles of bathrooms are being created these years. Bathroom design has become an important part of furniture and home design. In our article, we would like to explore some of the biggest, most popular stores where you can buy bathroom furniture and appliances.

The first store chain that we need to mention is the store called CTM. Currently CTM is the biggest seller of bathroom furniture appliances. What you can find in the stores of CTM includes the following: baths, bathroom furniture sets, showers, toilets and bidets, basins, cabinets, taps, mirrors and accessories, plumbing and installation parts. The great advantage of CTM is that you can also find here a large variety of bathroom tiles. This way, you can freely and fully furnish or renovate your bathroom with CTM. You can get to find the stores of CTM in virtually every cities of South Africa. The prices of CTM are very affordable.

If you want to check out the latest designs and novelties in terms of bathroom design, check out the store of Bathroom Bizarre. You can get to find everything bathroom related over here and you can get to see lots of new, novelty and even vintage or antique style designs, which means, you have a great choice to choose the exact bathroom to your taste. Bathroom Bizarre has a large number of stores all across the country and it is an affordable brand although not as cheap as CTM.

If you want to check out the choices of a highly famous international brand, visit one showroom of Hansgrohe Africa. The international brand is quite popular in South Africa, has tons of new-style and new-age bathroom appliances, its showers are legendary of their quality. Their latest novelty is the pulsating shower, which is the easiest to set and to navigate. However, apart from that, you will find tons of novelties here and their guarantee further helps with their popularity. Hansgrohe has brand stores in Cape Town, in Port Elizabeth, in Durban, Pretoria and in Johannesburg. Check out its store for the great quality appliances.

OXO Bathrooms is quite a new brand and it is a native South African one. It has grown overly famous for its modern bathroom furniture and appliances. OXO offers a great variety of acrylic baths, ceramic baths, toilets and bidets; it also offers taps and further accessories. OXO is based and has its only showroom in Johannesburg. Apart from these great upper mentioned brands, each city has its own respective brands of bathroom furniture and appliances with Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg on the first place. As both sanitary products and additional accessories belong in the category of bathroom products, it is representing a bigger range of products this way.

Check out the upper mentioned brands for bathroom furniture and additional bathroom accessories, especially CTM which is definitely the best place to go, if you want a total innovation of your bathroom. South Africa has great deal of bathroom salons. Look around in the shopping malls of Cape Town, Joburg and Durban for further bathroom furniture and accessories boutiques.