Contemporary Furniture South Africa

Contemporary furniture is naturally the widest range of furniture sold all around South Africa. We would like to represent you with some of the biggest furniture chains and stores in the country that offers contemporary furniture in a great variety.

Contemporary means the actual style of furniture, which is a modern style, which is mixing up some old elements as well, depending always on the actual brands and trends. Today, the biggest contemporary furniture trends come from Scandinavia and Italy, through IKEA and all the high level Italian designer furniture, which are the most expensive in the world.

Let us represent you with some of the biggest furniture stores that offer contemporary furniture in wide variety starting from the affordable to the high-end South African furniture brands.

Furniture City:
One of the biggest furniture producers in South Africa Furniture City has one or more stores in practically every cities of South Africa. The brand offers contemporary furniture for every home in great variety. You can get everything here in one place from living room to bedroom furniture and you can buy a wide variety of electronics and home appliances in here as well. The furniture of Furniture City follows the latest trends and is highly affordable. Furniture City has around 35 stores all across the country.

@Home Furniture:
A little bit higher end than its predecessor, Apart from its nice furniture, Home Furniture has perhaps the highest quality and variety of home ware collections that range from Nespresso machines to the world famous Wusthof knives. Home Furniture offers great contemporary furniture collections with a classy edge for lounge, dining room, bedroom and outdoors and has a great number of stores all across the country. At @Home Furniture, you can get to buy high-end eateries, textiles and any other accessories important to make a flat look great and trendy in the same time.

OK Furniture:
OK Furniture is a great national brand of South Africa, offering a great range of contemporary furniture in its collections. The brand has apparently the largest number of stores in the country and they all look like hypermarket of sorts as they also sell audio-visual appliances, electronics, gadgets and all sorts of home appliances as well. At OK Furniture, you can get to find nice and durable furniture for a very affordable price, which has made the brand overly popular in the circles of locals. The brand also offers all sorts of loans with nice conditions. Not only you can find OK Furniture in high numbers in almost every bigger and smaller city of South Africa, you can even get to buy furniture and accessories online from their website.

Apart from these affordable brands, there are multiple higher end brands selling modern and contemporary furniture such as OHKA or Coricraft, the furniture of which is highly popular and even famous throughout South Africa with their stores located in mainly Cape Town. Check out these great contemporary furniture brands offering mostly South African made furniture if you would like to furnish your home.