Furniture in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the top cities of South Africa and it is the cultural capital of the country. Being the most populated cities of South Africa, Cape Town is a real centre when it comes to furniture stores selling all sorts of furniture from antique to modern contemporary styles. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best stores and places to visit in Cape Town.

Cape Town has it all when it comes to furniture, from second hand furniture to the most contemporary furniture styles if we know where to look for them.

Furniture Chains
As for the furniture chains we can suggest you to check out the stores of @Home Furniture, OK Furniture or Furniture City. These are mainly located in the suburbs or by the bigger shopping malls of Cape Town. There are some brands such as Home Depot, which you can only get to find in Cape Town such as the store of OKHA, Coricraft and the Modern Furniture Company.

Second hand furniture
If you are looking for second hand furniture, the best place for you is definitely the area of Voortrekker Road, located nearby the downtown of the city, which is full of great second hand furniture stores, such as the Swop Shop, Uncle Bob’s Cash & Pawn and Pick a Bargain. Other great second hand stores of Cape Town include Milnerton Market and 2nd Hand Warehouse located at Milnerton, Strawberry and Lime, Vamp Furniture located at Woodstock, Munro’s by the Observatory or Smileys at Home that only has another store in Johannesburg. Although these stores house mainly vintage and at times you need to invest money and time in order to renovate them, once you are lucky you can get to find some real genuine antiques in these stores that can indeed become the gemstones of your home.

Antique furniture
If you want to check out some of the best antique furniture stores and antique furniture repairs, you should check out Kalk Bay, the main road of which is a long-time base for lots of antique brands that houses unique and rare furniture coming from every part of the world. You can find some real rarities in the antique stores of Cape Town. Check out the great stores of Railway House, which is the home for collectors of real exclusive stuff such as pinball machines straight from the US. Quagga Trading is great for getting furniture you have never seen before and if you visit the store of Whatnot and China Town, you can get some great vintage or antique kitchen furniture and accessories.

After checking out the leading furniture retailers of Cape Town, don’t hesitate to visit some of the best decor stores which can be found in the downtown shopping centres such as Canal Walk located at Waterfront quarter, which houses a great deal of international brands.