Furniture in Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria is a friendly small city, which is the administrative capital of South Africa, and it is the main city of its region called Gauteng. Pretoria is located in a hilly part of the country and it is a great town for strolling full of historical monuments, museums and cultural activities. Pretoria gives home to three huge universities of South Africa that makes the whole town a very jolly and fun place to be. This time, we check out all the furniture sellers you can get to find in Pretoria.

Pretoria, the centre of South Africa and Gauteng, might not be the most attractive city for the fans of shopping but it is well-packed with stores. Thanks to the fact that it lies right next to huge Johannesburg, Pretoria rather acts as a suburban will of the large city, than an alone standing entity therefore the area of both cities is often loosely called simply as Gauteng referring to the name of their region in the same time. This area is full of outstanding furniture brands and producers out of which we would like to represent some of those, who have their store in Pretoria.

Coricraft is a countrywide furniture brand having stores in all the bigger cities of South Africa and its one of the country’s most liked brands for its classy yet modern furniture designs that perfectly mirror today’s contemporary furniture trends, represented in wide range and with touches of different styles. Coricraft stores sell home and outdoors furniture for an attractive price and are well worth checking out.

K and K is one of Pretoria’s own furniture brands being one major importers of Italian furniture in South Africa. They offer handcrafted furniture mainly made of beech and you can feel the high quality leather fabric of their sofas and seating sets as well. The store has affordable prices and regular discounts or extra offers in order to attract all the higher number of customers. If you like contemporary yet cosy furniture, do not miss checking out the stores if K and K in Pretoria.

Etienne Lewis is not just a furniture brand but also a whole lifestyle centre. The brand has two great stores in Pretoria with one being a whole farm with gardens, lakes and plenty of free time possibilities such as beauty centre and music shop, just to say the least, while you are taking a break from furniture browsing. Etienne Lewis has therefore a giant success in Pretoria when it comes to furniture and you can get plenty of affordable pieces over here. Find the stores of Etienne Lewis in Montana and Waterglenn with its Lifestyle Centre located in their Montana branch.

If you look for discount furniture in Pretoria, do not miss checking the Furniture Warehouse, Plus 10 Discount Furniture or House & Home where you can also shop furniture or home ware online. Check out these great brands in Pretoria and you are guaranteed to find one or more great furniture in your home.